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Breakingviews - Cox: A Canadian breakup is back on the table

Something disturbing happened Saturday on the platform of the Place-des-Arts metro stop in Montreal. As a woman of South Asian descent was boarding a train with a Domino’s box in her arms, a man slammed it from her hands, sending the pizza melting onto the subway floor. She called after the man, who had bleached yellow hair. He flipped her the bird, scrambling toward the exit. Her face registered astonishment, then fear. “I’m sorry, but do you know that man?” N

Breakingviews - Iliad’s baffling buyback tests investor credulity

Xavier Niel is adding financial wizardry to his reputation for entrepreneurial flair. The French billionaire on Tuesday unveiled a convoluted share buyback and capital increase that could raise his stake in Iliad, the struggling telecom group he controls, by 20%. It looks a costly way to buy shares.

Breakingviews - The Exchange: Duflo and Banerjee

This year’s Nobel economists showed that people often do the opposite of what theory predicts – whether they’re in a Kenyan schoolroom or a dying U.S. factory town. Here, two of the winning trio explain their method, and what happens when researchers leave intuition at the door.

Breakingviews - Bitcoin mining IPO mirrors currency volatility

It promises all the highs and lows of a real gold rush. Canaan, a Chinese company and the world’s second biggest maker of hardware used to mine bitcoin, has filed for an initial public offering in New York. It’s looking to raise $400 million, according to Reuters, after aborting two attempts to list elsewhere. But its financials and prospects look as volatile as the cryptocurrency itself.

Breakingviews - Bolivia’s president snared by his own success

Bolivian President Evo Morales, who stepped aside on Sunday, says he is the victim of a coup. He may actually be a victim of his own success. Reducing poverty helped keep him in office for almost 14 years. But a growing middle class may also be less willing to put up with the kind of vote-rigging claims that ended his reign.

Breakingviews - Lisbon tech confab is antidote to WeWork gloom

It’s a good thing they serve wine with lunch at Web Summit, the gargantuan technology bash held in Lisbon each year. Some exhibits are hard to fathom with a sober lens. The gathering held last week featured an almost full-size boxing ring inviting startup founders to deliver a “knockout pitch” to investors against the clock. Nearby was a mountable plastic unicorn on a raisable plinth that lifted riders above the 70,000-odd assembled investors, entrepreneurs and h

Breakingviews - Aramco has first-class seat on oil-tanker Titanic

Saudi Aramco’s relative strength as the world’s biggest oil producer is an absolute distraction when it comes to establishing its worth. The Saudi oil giant’s initial public offering prospectus, published on Saturday, outlines how it is both much more profitable than sector peers like Exxon Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell, and more likely than them to remain afloat when the global oil industry hits the iceberg of peak demand. The problem is that such a collision is c

Breakingviews - Review: Everyone loses in “Laundromat” shell game

Few stories seem less suited for the silver screen than the Panama Papers – the massive trove of tax and legal documents leaked from Mossack Fonseca, the disgraced one-stop shop for offshore tax-dodging. Sure, the 11.5 million files included juicy details about the tax-avoidance habits of boldfaced names from the Saudi Arabian monarch to martial artist Jackie Chan. But creating drama out of someone signing 25,000 certificates of incorporation is tough.

Breakingviews - Richemont jewellery wealth dazzles Tiffany suitors

Richemont offers a sparkling vision to Tiffany & Co’s suitors. Though the Swiss group on Friday reported disappointing results, the power of its Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels brands shone through. The high-end jewellers convert an impressive third of their revenue into operating profit. That gives luxury rival LVMH a target as it pursues a possible takeover of the American group.

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